Friday, October 30, 2009

MBBS Offer Letter

I was waiting my mum inside office
Till 845
Only I went home yesterday

D first thing she do was telling me
I didnt mean to open ur letter ar
But jus too anxious
I wonder what is it
So then she took out a big envelope
It was from IMU
I quickly open and see
Was expecting maybe they will jus send me
Thank You for your application
Cuz I got this line twice
From my application to Spore

So then
It was d
Superb happy
Cuz I thought that I didnt do quite well
During the interview

But behind that was de fees structure set
Calculating in KKK
And is 300 & 400
I wonder I can afford
D ans is a Big NO i guess
I dun wish to give up d chance
We will see how things go after this

I'm goin to Spore jus in a while more
Hope I will have a wonderful day
Thats all for now lar

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