Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fireflyz 2nd Wave Promotion

Yeah !! PHS practical exam is finally over. Open book exam, so was like even worry. LOL. Dunno what kind of answer they expect. Anyway, is OVER !!! and tmr is Physicochem practical exam + thursday Oraganic chem practical exam. FRIDAY is holiday XD Wheehee...

Ehem..final exam is coming in another two weeks. Oh gosh, I haven started yet!!

Today is a boring day. So boring that I walk in and out my room 4-5 times in just an hour. LOL. Yea, today is a boring day. So I was like wandering ard dos website. I just saw Fireflyz is doing 2nd wave promotion right now, and if you are a Facebook Fans, I'm pretty sure 80% of us are, then you will be able to enjoy 15% off to all Fireflyz destinations. Except Langkawi and Koh Samui if not mistaken. Just go and have a look !! I personally think that is much more convenient to go through Subang airport if you have got no transport in KL =) Another important point is that you are allowed to carry 20kg baggage FOC !! (I'm a bit overreact as I was charged nearly 100 bucks for excessive baggage with another airline before this !! LOL Which in fact was only about 5kg over weight )

Have a look at this, http://www.facebook.com/Firefly if you do travel often =)

Gonna sleep soon. Seriously tired. Doze off 3 times in tutorial room today. LOL. Piggy ME.

Nitez ppl. Wish me luck for my practical exams. XD

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