Sunday, May 16, 2010

Physiology Mid Sem MCQ Exam

Hey ppl !! I'm back from Sunway Lagoon Trip!! Wheehee..I'm working out on the post on the trip so please be patient ya. I promised you it will be a nice one. LOL. Hopefully. But I can assured you it was a very pleasant trip. XD

Rmb I talked about my physiology mid sem MCQ test a couple of weeks ago? The result is finally out. Pheww. My friend msg me about the result when I was playing hard in Lagoon. LOL. It made me freaking nervous man. So the first thing I do when I gt back to the hotel was to check out the result. Thank God I gt 28, so is 4 out of 5 which will be included in my final mark. It was quite badly done compared to my friend, but I'm already very satisfied about it. LOL. To be frank, I was just aiming 25 out of 35, at least can contribute a little bit to my final. Haha. I'm pretty satisfied with it. Is my expectation too low? Nahh~~ I don think so XD

It is so tiring now after playing for 2 days but my mind and soul is completely recharged. LOL. So now I'm going to start my revision again!!

Stay tuned for my post on Sunway Lagoon Trip =)


♥ I love you ♥


  1. So sorry!!! I ruined yr mood for your trip. I forgotten the moment i sent out the text and realised it couple minutes later. sorry sorry..

  2. LOL..Nahh~~ I saw that msg wen I gt out of Lagoon cuz keep all things inside locker..LOL..I still wanna thanks u to inform me...haha..dun worry larr.small case..♥hugss♥ XDD