Sunday, May 23, 2010

SuNwAy LaGoOn tRiP

Sorry for this late posting =P Was too busy XD As mentioned in previous post, dear and my buddies is in KL this week!!! and YES they are here..whheeheee..dear, wilson, soh, kee, munyong, kuali, mun chin & ying shan !!!

So they came on friday and reach here ard 1230 am, pretty late cuz the bus spoilt halfway, so pity. I was waiting dear's cousin to fetch me up but it was way too late and I cant go out of hostel after 12 am. I didnt know that I actually cant go out after 12, tot was 3 o'clock in the morning on friday as they said. Well, the actual truth is that u can come back before 3am on friday but still cant go out after 12am. Cinderella, I'm. aWwww, I was so sad. Just becuz the bus delay half an hour and end up I cant join them for the first night =(.

NVM. So I woke up early on the next morning to prepare for my LaGooN trIp !! XD Ohh..decades since I last went Sunway Lagoon. The last trip was in 2005 means 5 yrs ago when I was still in form 3. LOL. After 5 years, I went lagoon once again with the same bunch of friends to the same place. I feel so proud that we actually made it. Friendship forever guys. LOL. But this time add in mun chin and ying shan!! Let me introduce them. Mun chin was my primary school friend, it had been 8 years after we last met. Haha. But we still look the same, only thing is that we are now in twenties. LOL. Ying Shan is a friend of soh n kuali in their form six class, I gt a new friend !! She is so cute XD

Early in the morning, they walked from hotel and met me in White for breakfast. Then, we took shuttle bus and off we go to Sunway Lagoon.

A photo first before going in to Lagoon !!

First thing is to purchase tickets of course, and so we bought our tickets for 5 parks which consists of Water park, Amusement park, Wildlife park, Extreme Park and Scream park. RM 75 per person, pretty expensive yea, LOL, so it cost 9 of us RM 765 (to include RM 10 refundable deposit).Then we went to change clothes and keep our things in locker. Applied lot of sunblock too XDD

First stop, Lynton V Harris' SCREAM park !! LOL..coward me was freaking nervous when we were waiting for our turn. We went in and watched a scary video in ANGOSCIA theater of FEAR. Frankly, I got no idea at all what's the video was about. All that I knew is that someone in voldemort-like suit was coming near to us and I keep hearing people screaming. LOL. Luckily I'm short so I stand among people so that those scary stuff wont get near to me XDD Then we went thru the Terror Tunnel in 3D and also the Rumah Hantu. Some of the "ghosts" was real people and some are fake, but to me, they are equally SCARY !! And the last part was Prison Break Live !! I screamed as if the sky is falling down !!

Before the fear in me from the Scream Park ease, next we went for Pirate's Revenge and Tomahawk !!! The best of all in Amusement park XDD Malaysia's first and only 360-degree rotating pirate ship that swivels you 24 m up the ground !! My face nearly turns green when it swings 360-degree.My world was upside down !!! Was exciting when it hangs up there !! LOL.. Too bad I didnt manage to have a ride on Tomahawk..LOL..head was spinning after Pirate's revenge. So few of us wait down there to see how the others get spin spin n spin up there !! LOL..They claimed that Tomahawk is much more fun than Pirate's..LOL..

Scary ~~

They are up there XD

We are down here =P

 Mun Chin & Me XD
Cant imagine we knew each other for 13 years !! =P

Next stop !! World's longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge which measure 428m in length. This is where you can have a bird's eye view of the whole theme park =)

Jump Shot XD

Coming to the other end of the Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is the 203m Flying Fox !!

Q-ing ~~ 

Waiting for our turn ~~

WhooooHooooo XDD

Down from the Flying Fox is the Sunway Surf Beach and African-Theme Water Park !! 

Cameroon Climb which slides you down from as high as 15m and then shoots you up again at 8m XD

African Pythons !!! XD

Not to forget,the most exciting one !! Congo Challenge XDD (No pictures, so sorry =( ) But basically is where you have six lanes together head first slides !! IS FUN !! 


Of course,we also went for the EXTREME PARK !! Paintball shooting Range and Archery Target Shooting =P Dont be disappointed, we didnt go for G-Force X and Bungy Jump..Hahaha..way too extreme!! Didnt manage to get the picture of that !! (Camera Battery Flat) ArghhH XD

Next stop !! Fortunately, we manage to go for Kayak and Paddle Boat in the lake !! Canoe is FUN !! I love it XD 

We walk through the tunnels and Victoria Falls (is this the name) and enjoying shooting pictures!!!
Refreshing !! LOL XD

Guys XD

GiRLsSs =P

It's Six O'clock !! Time to go home XDD 


FRenzZZz ForevEr XD

Retuning all the wrist band ~

Yeah !!

A memorable trip !!! So much fun that we had !!Then we walk back to hotel and wait for dear's uncle to bring us for supper !! 
That's officially our Sunway Lagoon Trip 2010 !!!

Assignments, quizzes, exams are making me suffocate..A trip to Lagoon with dear n whole bunch of friends really cheer up my day XD Hope will have the next trip soon guys !!

Further information,have a look at this website :

General Admission Charges and Schedule / Operating hours :

** Got few pictures from the net for illustration purposes. Hope you all wont mind. XD
We were too busy playing and it just have no enough time to take picture for every single games and rides that we have played !! XD

♥ Friends Forever ♥

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