Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ohh finally is coming to the long-wait-mid-sem-BREAK!! just one more day XD

Of course, every girl needs to be pampered!! I'm finally giving myself a week to go EAT, PLAY, SHOP and have lotsa FUN!!! Wheehee..packing luggage itself is a super difficult task for m3 =[ Gosh!! Nevertheless, I'm "enjoying" it XD *Exciting* And for my friends who are going Tioman, Enjoy yeahh~~ Bring souvenirs for m3333..RMB kayyy?? XD *Mid-sem-Break is meant to be FUN guys* Whoohoo

This trip was planned following our last trip to Pasir Ris in Spore 3 months ago. Still remember we lay down on the beach, under the starry sky, watching stars, planes taken off every five minutes from Changi airport, which will always be one of the most memorable moment in my life. Thank you so much MY FRENS!! and NOW we are going to another adventure again!! XD

Chit Chattt with my coursemate about this, and she told me back in London when she was there, there is a bridge over a river near her place. One day she and a few of her frens just bought some drinks and sit down on the bridge, hanging their legs down the bridge, watching the river flows, chit chatting~ What a memorable moment too!! Ah, just love this kinda feeling!

There is a lot going on recently!! Uni, MUVP, blogshop, study, life~ I don't even have the time to sleep~ But I'm enjoying it to the fullest, no worries~ ^^ For those of you who aren't aware, yes, I do own a blogshop now, which I named it Secret Garden~ Many of you came up and ask me, is this your blogshop? Haha..Yeah~ It is mine~~ Please do support yea **Wink** We also have our own Facebook Fanpage~ Please click "Like", of course please do likey likey likey in your heart too~ I'm looking for stuffs from Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and HongKong to put it up in my blogshop, so if you do look up for something, feel free to let me know!! also if you have cool stuffs, just share with me kayy!! I'm so in love with long dresses and short skirts now and thus please do bear with me for the time being showing you all my favourites XD

Madeline and Minja setup their own site too, which they named it Sugar Rush Selection, mainly selling accessories that they collected from different countries. Do drop by when you are free. Just bought an anchor necklace from their store, is cool and very good quality *LIKE* Wheehee

And hey Chan Sue Yen!! Love to shop with you and craps tgt..LOL..thanks for helping me reload too *Hugss*

Gonna continue packing my stuffs. Going church tomorrow for easter!! Enjoy the Easter break guys!!! Stay cool!! *Hugss*


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