Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kang Gary Happy Birthday

It's 24th Feb 2013!! Don't you know what day is it today?? Is Kang Gary's Birthday!!
Is the 35th birthday of this peaceful guy ^^ Fans are all excited, which of course includes me as well!
#PeacefulGaryDay is trending on Twitter worldwide and in several countries since yesterday midnight and so does #KangGary and #HappyBirthdayKangGary! and guess what? On my twitter page,

Top people --> Kang Gary
Top photo --> Kang Gary
Top video --> Kang Gary

 I'm all happy on this day, as if it is like my birthday lol! Enjoy checking up his photos and videos posted by fans on this special day! and watching RM EP134 in Vietnam, enjoying his winnninggg much!! Gary Daebak!
and if you are reading this page, yet have no idea who Kang Gary is, check out Leessang (Gary and Gil) , Infinity Challenge (Gil) and Running Man (Gary) kay?? *Just to name a few of their work* ^^ I'm sure you will soon be amazed by these two charismatic guys!

On this special day
Wishing you Happy Birthday
May God be with you in your life
May you have love and peace everyday
Thank you for being a wonderful person and
an inspiration
Happy Birthday Kang Gary

I love this video so muchhh!! Teared up watching this! Love the way how all of us adore Kang Gary! ^^

Cr: RM Doodle - Just love this site so much!

Cr: Mongelly twitter

I do not own the above materials, just sharing these awesome posts from other fanbase ^^

Kang Gary (Leessang) Fanbase Directory

Have you watch Running Man Ep133 and Ep134 on Asia race special episode??! I'm so excited even after watching it for three times! If you haven't watch it, you better go watch it now!!

Anyway, just in case if you guys want to search about Gary's news and photos, I made a list of few sites which I normally go to, hope you guys like it!!
PS: If there is any inaccuracy, please leave a comment below, thanks! I will update this list as time goes by ^^

Kang Gary (Leessang) Fanbase Directory
Official Twitter : @leessangcompany

Twitter: @kanggary58
Facebook: Heegun Kang
Instagram: @gaegun

Twitter: @GillMeo

Running Man Members
Lee Kwang Soo - @masijacoke85
Ji Suk Jin - @ilovegamdong
Haha - @Quanninomarley

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Twitter Running Man Fanbase
1. Lee Kwang Soo Global - @lksglobal
2. Running Man Doodles - @RMdoodle
3. @RunningManVirus
4. Running Man Malaysia - @RunningManMsia
5. @YooMondayCouple
6. @SJH_FB
7. RM Infos & Updates - @RunningManBuzz
8. @giraffekwangsoo
9. @SBSRUnningManKR
10. @RMIsDaebak
11. @RunningManGames
12. @_BlankJiHyo

Twitter Gary Fanbase
1. @dreamergally
2. @RmMondayCouple
3. @Mondayshipper
4. @mondayxcouple
5. @Peaceful_Gary
6. @KangGary_Thfans

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