Sunday, March 06, 2011


I read these very meaningful phrases a little while ago..

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 

Explore.Dream.Discover - Mark Twain

Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream - Kahlil Gibran

Indeed, the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Sometimes, somehow, I feel that God's power is incredible. Whenever I pray to him, he will answer to my prayer. Whenever I praise Him, my heart feel the peacefulness with His guidance, in this very complicated world, the world which is gradually decrease in the level of sense in humanity. Never did I ever think that I'm capable to realize my dream, to become what I'm today. Well, perhaps is a very easy journey for the others, but I'm walking on my very own track.

I'm on my way to realize my dream, at the beginning part of my journey, and I see a lot of people around me are doing the same. Our dream may be the same or different, and on this journey, sometimes I'll stop and doubt myself, but I see determination in their eyes. The faith that they have in themselves, believing that they are able to do so with their own little effort. It seems like they are telling me, "move on, keep moving on, don't give up, we're here with you". And, I'm moving on.

I'm dreaming something bigger, something that I've dream for the last few years and I finally got the courage to take one step forward now. It's a great feeling which I can't describe in words. Although I see a lot of obstacle ahead of me without an end, every single hurdle is getting tougher, there seems someone keep whispering to me, "everything is gonna be fine, you just need to pass these hurdles and you will be there". And, I'm moving on.

Just a little reminder to myself, do not affect your study and you should know which is your first priority =)
Yeah, I hope that I'll be able to manage my time a little bit better so that my bigger dream comes true.

I'm moving on. xoxo.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


开学第二天 已经看见接下来的十二个星期 会是怎么样的日子了
奇怪的是 没有想逃避的感觉 反而希望它快快到来 飞速结束
再慢慢享受 那漫长的假期 ^^

复杂的心情 总是让我的思绪混乱
像是乘坐云霄飞车 时高时低 久久不能平静
又像那正快速旋转着的陀螺 不停的 转啊转 转啊转

或许 这是在逃避 或许 这是最好的方法
告诉自己 现在别想了
还有更重要的事 等着你去做
也许 不想 只是把问题放在一旁
也许 不想 可以让时间把一切冲淡
把问题化小 甚至把问题解决

记得 那天 有人对我说 他看了一篇访问
报章上他说 人们总是担心 暴风雨来临
未雨绸缪 在风雨之前已把雨伞准备好
而他 没有准备伞 当风雨来临之际
我当在 风雨中起舞 歌唱 享受着
你可以把它视为 障碍
也可以把它视为 机会
学会从不同的角度 不同的观点 看同一件事吧

好啦 快乐的一天就要结束了
明天会更好 空气会更清新
继续向阳 继续努力吧