Monday, December 13, 2010

第一次做肉碎豆腐 =)


Monday, December 06, 2010

Singapore Trip 1st & 2nd Dec 2010

Yeah!! I'm back from awesome trip with dear and my buddies ♥

We met up in Bugis on Wed morning and go around Bugis and Orchard for lunch as well as desserts..On the way, we passed by Iluma, a shopping mall located within the Bugis district of Singapore..The design of the building amazed me on the spot..Look at this!! WOW..
We went to a few shopping malls as my friends was hunting for some sports accessories before we headed to Costa sands myself a short pants and a note book & yogurt sweets + chocolate =D We met up with Chong Han & Vonn at Pasir Ris and reached the resort ard 7 o'clock..while the guys went to rent bicycles and get some food back..we had our girls talk session..LOL..We keep peeping outside as our next door was having bbq session..and we were thinking that those guys will get something like Hokien mee or whatever as our dinner...after half an hour.....

They finally came back!! with a lot of junk foods and ice-cream..LOL..We ended up having Subway as our dinner..YUMMY..I do ♥ Subway..Hahaha..After dinner, we headed to Raffles place which is located in the Downtown Core and the Central area of Singapore..took some pictures in front of esplanade and together with the Merlion...Passed by Fullerton Hotel, a hotel at the renovated old General Post Office building..the night view of Singapore river was really cool!!! XD Then, we went back to chalet again to meet up with Marcus after he came back from his drum session in school..the guys played poker cards and the girls take turn to bath..we then cycle to the beach around we only rented 3 bicycles, we had to take a few rides to get all of us reminds me of the game which ask us how do we get all the animals and foods across the river when the goat must not stay with the wolf and the chicken must stay with the rice etc etc..LOL..finally, we gt all 10 of us to the beach...
For the first time, we lay on the beach and look at the sky..stare at those stars..the sky was like a big big screen and my memory just flashed back to my secondary school times again..and it seems time flies so fast that I'm now already gonna do my pharmacy 2nd year..watching airplanes depart from the nearby Changi airport every ten minutes..the sound of the waves made me feel so just want to enjoy the peacefulness mind was blank at that moment..just wanna cherish every second that we have..there is something magical about lying under the stars wrapped in the arms of the person you love most..after a while, all of us reached the beach and we had our "heart-to heart" talk session or rather "jokes" session..LOL..the funniest part of all...we chat till ard 3am and went bck to chalet to SLEEP!! all of us was exhausted..LOL..except kee who keep pestering the others by calling out their names in funny waysSs and asking lots of random questions..Hahahaha XD

On the next day, we went Tong Fong Fatt for lunch, which is a hainanese chicken rice stall..I found it tasted quite okay but not that excellent perhaps because I used to have chicken rice in KL and it tasted a bit different from the Singapore one..Anyway, it worth a try =D we went to mrt station and headed to Tampines to meet up with dear and Marcus again as they had class on that morning..Wilson went back to his school to attend for his lab test in the afternoon session..Had Mcd in Tampines Mall before we go to Bugis for Koi..For your information, Koi is a shop like each a cup, I love taimei, coolblog etc which sells bubble amazing for me eventhough it doesn't seem so to my other friends..LOL..perhaps partly because I love the original flavor the most..We always joke that perhaps someday when we sell computers we wanna do something like the Q-ing system in bank which separates out customers who wants to buy computer and made them Q up..and now I see that this Koi shop are doing Q up and order ur drinks and collect a number..when the system show up ur number only you collect it at another actually works yeahhh... even to bubble tea stall.. =D
It started to rain just after we bought our Koi..we rushed to the bus station and all of us was wet!! LOL..Is like a war seriously...Esp when you run to custom..LOL..finally we reached home ard 8 o'clock after a big traffic jam due to the rain..

In conclusion, it is an amazing trip for me and I believe to all of us too..Thanks all!!! We will have our next trip in two weeks time!! Looking forward~ =D
That officially ends our Singapore trip 2010!!! =D

I ♥ Holidays.xoxo

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Airasia Free Seats Promo !! Its time to go for holidaysssss!!

Yeahhh its year end and it's time to plan for your holidays!! It will soon be my semester break and I'm sure the same goes for you. This will be the free time for us to throw away all the books and notes and exams and start planning for our next destination to go!! As we all know, booking flight tickets in advanced usually get cheaper price as the price tends to go up higher when it's nearer to our travelling date. So y should we pay more?? Spend a little time to plan for your holiday and get your flight tickets book early!! I'm pretty sure you already plan for your year end celebration this year and don't let it stop!! Start planning for your next trip then !! Airasia is having a major promotion right now for the travelling period from 1st July 2011 to 10 November 2011 !! Having headache thinking about where to go?? Which airline to choose?? Have a look at then !!

Simple steps to plan for your holiday :
1. Grab your diary and go to your university homepage to check for your semester date.Circle dates that you are available
2. Have a list of countries that you're interested in
3. Go to
4. Search for the cheapest flight rate!! Do search three days around the date you have chose and check whether there is any promo price!!
5. Get your fight tickets booked
6. Do research on place of attractions in that country that you wanna go, plan your schedule
7. Get your hotel room booked (near to the spot that you wanna go so that you spend less time on travelling)
8. Change currency
9. Have a list of things to bring and have a shopping day to get grab everything you need
10. Do last checking and wait for the day to come!!


Have fun planning for your holidays !! XD

By the way, I just uploaded a new poll on the top left hand corner of my blog, kindly spend just 10 secs to complete it XD

Thought of the day : Study hard, play hard XDD


Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Secret of Life : Being contented

Hey its me here blogging again =) I still not feeling tired yet cuz I just had a cup of mocha again =D The greatness of caffeine =) Starbucks is my all time favourite..but it is too ex for me..Im cutting it down =D..well~ now what to blog about today?? it suddenly popz out in my head while I transfer photos from my phone to my laptop to blog about my new life now being a pharmacy student..and some of my perspective on recent life..

It was my birthday 4 days ago..1st of Nov..that's why my favourite number had always been ONE =DD first of all, I would like to thank all of you for all the birthday wishes from you guys thru phone, facebook, inbox and meeting me in person..u guys are just way too awesome =) and I really cant deny that I had underestimated the power of facebook!! LOL.. I love it to communicate with my frens there and follow up their news from time to time thru facebook..I even linked back with my primary sch frens!! LOL..I'm not exaggerating..this might be normal to u guys but definitely not for me =) blurr?? okay this need to be trace back to 2002 when I was 12 years old..My grandpa passed away and left my grandma alone staying in my current we moved there and stay with her and take care of her..due to this reason too, I changed my secondary sch from which I was supposed to go together with all my primary sch frens to the other secondary school which was nearer to my current house..and since then we lost contact..about 8 years..not until few years ago I accidentally met my primary sch fren on street that I know some of their latest updates..and till few months ago I saw them from facebook and that's how we link up again..some of them are still in JB, my hometown and some of them are in KL studying now and some even in my current area!! I'm so glad to keep in touch with u guys again =D 

Secondly, I need to clarify and re-ensure you guys that I didn't forget anyone of you =D my primary school friends, my Public Bank colleagues, my secondary school juniors and seniors, my St. John friends, my tuition classmates and my part-time-work colleagues !! =D I do remember each and everyone of you and I do miss you guys !! It is just that I had been too busy with my school work and are trying very hard now to adapt myself better with the current environment as well as trying to gain a balance between studies and my volunteering work..I'm so sorry that I had not been frequently contacting with you guys..but do remember that I miss you guys dearly too okay =D Don't worry I'll be having my end-of-semester holidays soon...and I may be able to meet u guys up =D

Now, back to our topic today on my life being a pharmacy student..
Life is just way too hectic for me..and I'm still trying hard to adapt..but nonetheless I feel very contented to be given a chance to work towards my dream, to work to achieve my target...

It had always been my dream and my target to become a pharmacist and to study in Monash as well..and I really thank God for blessing me all the way till today I successfully enroll to Monash pharmacy..and I believed and I do hope that I'll be able to complete this course..not purely just to realize my is also a way to repay my parents and to re-ensure them I'll be able to take care myself well in the future..and being the eldest, to take up the responsibility to take care of my siblings soon..I'm officially 20 now and I know that as you grow up older, you need to be responsible to more and more things..and I do pray and hope that I'll be able to cope it well =D It is really so heart-breaking to see my parents working so hard for my tuition fees which is such a huge amount to us and seeing them worrying about me staying alone outside..I know there will be much difficulties given to my procrastination..but I'll try to improve so that I can do better and breakthrough my personal limit..the boundary..(" break the boundary / there is no boundary"smth like that - inspired by the singapore airforce or something army force advertisement slogan =D)

I choose to become a pharmacist because I'm really passionate to work in medical field and I do hope that one day I'll be able to help more people with my profession..perhaps not much contribution that I'll be able to make but at least the best that I can give..I cant deny that it was part of the reason too that I think that this job should be able to secure my future as well..which is much more a realistic and main issue that parents nowadays are concern short, make as much money as possible is all they want to see..and that's why you see a lot of parents sending their children to take up medical course no matter whether their children really wish to do so..of course, there are a lot of medical students who chose that course due to their interest as well..I'm just stating the situation that some of the students are facing.."Money" had always been the main issue at least in 60% of cases when students are choosing their pathway to go..either they are considering whether that profession will makes you earn "how much" or "how much" do we need to pay to send you to this course..but no matter how, I still believe that passion is the most important factor to consider when coming to choosing which course to take..It is the main factor to determine your future as well..just like a student who studying Law will become a lawyer in future and a student who study accounting will become an accountant in cant have student studying Law to do accounts and an accounting student to become a lawyer..

When coming to the point to choose which university to go..I really believe that this is a very important issue to consider about now..this was not what I thought before I coming to Monash..because when I first enrolled, students from different countries and colleges all end up like me..going into the same Uni same school or even same that point I do think that it doesn't really matter where are you coming from and who you will all end up in the same place same position and it is just different pathways that each of you may had chose to bring you here today..a lot of people had always been telling me that you will end up to be a pharmacist no matter which university you go..why bother to pay more or bother to go so far..but things are just aren't that simple..a university and an environment shapes who you are..a spoon feeding teacher and a teacher who always force you to brainstorm will make a big difference in your thinking skills, capability as well as your personality..not just in studies but in life as well..this concept just make a huge difference..different course content will shape you to possess various characteristics and different level of sense of responsibility as well...the way the university is conducting and practicing does make a difference..and I do personally think that Hong kong and Singapore (in asia) are providing excellent education system..

Nonetheless, your personality and your determination decide who you will be in the future and your achievement that you will be frank I'm not quite a optimistic fact negative thinking will first comes to my mind when I encounter a problem..which may not even in a problem to others..but ever since I joined MUVP, I've learned a very valuable thing from it..I'm not physically involve in volunteering work outside the university yet..still doing admin work..but the way the team works is just too awesome..impossible thing turns possible when everyone has a positive thinking and always encourage each other..each idea that presented by a member is a good idea and will be discuss and decide the action together..objectively evaluated and accept the outcome with open heart..and being pro-active, self-confident as well..who doesn't know that being optimistic is a good thing and encourage each other and unselfish-ly contribute will make a great difference..but how many people will actually practice that? I can't 100% do that..I do being very selfish sometimes in my life..that's  also part of the reason that makes me think that an environment is very important..a good university does not only provide you an environment to study to pursue your dream but it does shape your personality as well..which I think is the most important thing that I want to achieve in my life...

For some reason, I do see a lot of friends who viewed study as all that they have for their life..and if they cant perform as they targeted for themselves, they feel extremely disappointed and depress over it..well, to me, life is not just about study..there is a lot of other things that contribute to our life as well and it is important that we gain a balance between studies and the other factor..for example helping people-in-need, kinship, relationship, friendship etc..I've seen quite a lot of my friends or people who are same aged with me already owning a shop or starting their working career or like my MUVP team member who are constantly going for volunteering work such as with Dignity, Shelter home, WAO, Ps the Children etc....whether successfully or not, they are doing something that they want to achieve in life..and that proves that life is not just about study..there's a thousand of other things that you can do other than is all about what you want to achieve and how you want yourself to be..what kind of person you want to be..and last but not least,

The secret of life : Being contented

I read some articles which were about being contented in life and one of it mentioned that 

"We are always aiming to achieve more. We believe that once we have reached a certain quota, we would have established the amount that would make us happy enough. The truth is, is you cannot appreciate what you have in this moment, you won't be able to appreciate anything else, because even if you have one million in your account, you will need two million to be happy. And on and on. Having a sense of direction is really having a goal. The difference is, our actions are more geared towards self expression as opposed to personal acquisition. "

Content makes poor men rich; Discontentment makes rich man poor - Benjamin Franklin

It is coming to the end of semester two by the way..which means I'm gonna finish my first year soon!! Wheehee..enjoy to the fullest =D..few pictures here, randomly chosen just to share =D
Me with my short hair..It does looks like long hair, don't you think so?? I do miss my long hair :(

Monash BPharm 2010 intake =D
Coffee : My best patner

A rat : which I dissected it myself during Physiology practical..I lost my appetite after that a bad experience..worse than what I thought I was able to wasn't too bad when I dissected a frog during Form 5..but definitely not this won't want to have this experience *trust ME*
A cream that I made myself =D
Solution that I made
* I do read formulations on different medication oils or medicine nowadays =) even like "Ru yi you" XD *hahahaha*
Rotatory evaporator

My awesOm3 group memberssS =D
Crystal that we got from experiment =D

Good night, all. xoxo

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday !!! Congratulations !!! Korean Cuisine =)

Heyy people..ages since I last updated..went home for mid-sem break!! again, home sweet home XD

Stay home most of the time, without feeling bored at all..LOL..*U wont feel bored with my sis n bro ard* up my frensSs and go sing KKKKK !! LOL..kee presented "WA MENG TIEN" and seriously its awesome!!! *check out on FB if u don't believe mE* XD..

Came bck on the 3rd of Oct..*sOh's birthday* XD Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to UUUUUUU, happy birthday to YOU !!! May you stay happy and healthy always, maintain your suNsHiNe sMiLe fOReVeR..stay sweet with your girl girl..and all the best to your studies !!! enjoy Uni life to the fullest!!

Dear accompany me back and spend one whole week wid me here..*HEEE*..its aw3som3 to have him beside me everyday..spending every moment together =) simple and sweet..contented..Since he is here, of course I wont miss out any chance to go around and grab nice foods here in KL..from mamak to hawker centre to western foods and korean cuisine..we are officially BROKE I realised the power of google map and gps..thanks to them, we manage to reach our destination without much difficulties..*actually quite difficult too esp when it LAGS*..LOL..


Went for photoshoot with his family on sunday..his sister graduating this week..*CongratsSs* so cool to hang out with his family members and relatives =) and headed to UPM after photoshooting..some students just came out from the hall after their graduation ceremony when we reach there..everyone was put on with a big smile on their face..students with lots and lots bouquet of flowers with winnie pooh in graduation cap and gown on it walking around taking photos..parents' laughter fills the air..beneath the deep blue sky..everything is just perfect...

When will my graduation ceremony be? how will it be like ? =) I *hint* to dear that I want sunflower with winnie the pooh on it too..and how many flowers I want..what colour of the winnie's shirt I big the winnie I want..hahaha..and he replied "ya..ya..ya.."..haha..and his mum was laughing beside him on his expression..LOL..we then headed for dinner at Subang before going back home..

Back to home..facing with piles of notes for my three exams on Wed and Thurs..and stack of paper for my CCA..didnt sleep well for the whole week!!! I look like a panda now seriously..still a lot of work pending!!! but its okayyyy..exam is over and thing goes really well and is getting better XD..IS HOLIDAYS NOW!!!! hahaha..but i need to stay here to study for exam..oh God..please help me to strive thru this one month..I really dun wish to screw up again~..

Awesome October !!! I love it ~ XD

Stay tuned. Hopefully will update frequently XD. xoxo

Sunday, August 01, 2010



Just a little story to share =). xoxo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monash University Orientation Week 2010

I'm finally a Pharmacy student !!..kinda exciting but cant deny with a growing sense of anxiety..I'm not sure whether I'm d only one or others are kinda worry too..LOL..

22nd Feb - was d first day of the orientation program..I reach U ard 1030 and register myself with d School of Medicine and Health Sciences Pharmacy Program..we had some welcome add frm d sch n student representative..Lan subjects, ins and security briefing..met sum new frens..ard 4 or 5 of dem were frm Mufy..sum frm A-levels n Sam whole thingy ended ard 1 o'clock..I did my Lan subjects in previous college so hv to go bck n take d subject syllabus frm d registry together with de certified photopied of transcript in order to gt d exemption...n so I went back to d college..Met a lady in d registry..her attitude was terrible..esp when she mistaken dat I took her pen..she was like "hey you cant take my pen lar !"..I was stunt cuz dat is obviously my pen ( she put hers jus beside the table )..wen she found her pen she was finding excuses and claiming that nwadays student took her pen very often..LOL..wat d hell dat has gt to do with r making fun of urself in front of others..admit wat u did pls..stop finding excuses to hide ur stupidity..

23rd Feb - 2nd day of orientation program..woke up ard 745..reach U on time..we met the head of the sch and had two tailors came for making our labcoats..shuld be gettin it next week i guess..student guides brought us for a campus tour..n I was like wow wow wow all d way..LOL..esp de library..really cool...superb nice...went witth Hui Wen to de student admin to have our studnet card done..will b collecting it next week..woohoo..LOL..for some unknown reason I love student card !..LOL..we gt home n started to pack for our transition camp which will be held in Port Dickson ! XD

24th Feb - 1st day of Transition Camp..which aims to assist new students to have a smooth transition frm sec to we reach U abt 730 and had a briefing abt d camp..buses reach at 1030 n off we go to PORT DICKSON..starting our 3 days 2 nights camp !!..this is d first time dat I'm goin Port Dickson..we reach der in d afternoon and had our first game which was "pick and choose" wer we nd to throw the balls into diff baskets which carry diff values..dis  games actually want to let us noe de diff role dat we will play in d future..and dat teamwork is highly required when we work after graduate..Then we check in to the resort..I had Wei Chern,Syntiea,Madalene & Jasveen as my housemate !! XD..the view frm our unit was really beautiful...n so I told byy mus bring me to beach during holsssss...n he jus replied me wid okay =(.. not looking forward to it at all...I'm shiok sendiri I guess...LOL..nvm..okay then..

25th Feb - 2nd day of Transition I woke up at 6 smth!!! superb tired..n we had exercise conduct by a trainer?? I cant rmb his name..LOL..he is indeed quite good in it..but some of d moves really make me feel weird n cant control my laughter..LOL..then we had breakfast and some talks..till 430 we went jungle trekking!!! is really nice XD it has been so long time since I went wilderness camp during my 14teeeeennnss..haha..really enjoy it lotsss...though is really tiring...den came d most fun part of d whole camp..we had performance time!!..every grp cum up wid diff performance and is really fun n quite entertaining also..lolzz..esp sum grp who actually bring up d scene of "so you think you can dance" & "american idol"..LOL..n I actually first time hear d jungle song wimbabwe or smth lidat but evryone else seems to know d song very I ketinggalan zaman??

26th Feb - Last day of Transition Camp!!! exteremely happy can go back!! though nt goin bck hometown..but still kinda least dun hv to wake up early in d camp anymore...we had breakfast and some games..lunch + pack up..n off we go bck to really tiring n I slept all d way frm PD to KL..LOLzz..piGGy I'm..I know..we reach sch ard 4 o'clock..yeahhH..awesome n I did enjoy myself getting to know new frens frm diff diff place diff sch all kinds of courses etc etc..LOLxx..our class only gt 8 guys..and plenty of girls obviously..d ratio is comment..LOL...

PharmacisTsss bUddiesSS

PharmacYyyyyy thrEE Groooouppp

oUr grOuppPP wid Jiun & EuGenEeee & zOng Li XD

That's d eNd of mY oRienTatiOn pRoGram....