Friday, June 27, 2014

Johor Premium Outlet - George & Dragon Cafe


Last week me and boyfie finally have some We-time and we decided to check out on the Johor Pemium Outlet. This was the first time we visited there. It is located at Indahpura, Kulaijaya, about 30km from Johor Bahru Town. We had our hi-tea at George & Dragon cafe and I got a new pants for PRP at G2000 ^_^
There are a lot of branded shops selling off-seasons items at low prices but you will need to be patience to find what you need and what is suitable for you.

Now there are also Weekly Specials at George & Dragon of Johor Premium Outlet Branch!
From Mon to Fri (except Public Holidays) , George and Dragon Cafe has a special set lunch for only RM29.80++ per person from 12pm to 2.30pm. Afternoon tea is served from 2.30pm to 6pm for only RM17++ per person!!

We ordered two Hi-tea set with coffee and tea respectively. The salmon sandwiches was good, scone was just alright. The atmosphere and services were really good =D

Indahpura 81000 Kulaiaya
Johor Darul Takzim
Tel: +607 661 8888 Fax: +607 6618810
GPS 1°36'11"N , 103°37'17"E
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Provisionally Registered Pharmacist] - Batu Pahat

Hellooo! Sunshiniesss!!

I'm back home again after 4 days!! Last night I spent about 3 hours preparing for the assessment on counselling skills for patients on inhalers, insulin pens, warfarin usage etc. until about 12am midnight. Suddenly boyfie texted me on the news article which announced 26th June 2014 as a public holiday after Johor Darul Takzim FC (JDT) were crowned 2014 Malaysia Super League Champions. I was like Hoorayy!! Is tomorrow really a public holiday? I was so excited to come home!! Even though it was announced in the midnight and we couldn't be sure of it but I was still super excited and I woke up twice at 3am and 4am just to see if it is morning already so I can be home!
**Haha, YEAH! I'm --THAT-- HOMESICK**!

I was wondering when will we receive the letter from SPA & KKM to inform us to report duty in respective hospital. After 7 months, we finally know the answer now. I had my interview in Putrajaya Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam during end of 2013, I think it was around September/October. Final exam was in November. I received the first letter which is the Surat Lantikan (from SPA) and Sijil Pendaftaran Bersyarat (from Pharmacy Board) as Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) in February and subsequently received the second letter from Kementerian Kesihatan (MOH) to go for medical check up in April and lastly received letter from Kementerian Kesihatan to report duty on June at MOH of Johor State somewhere in the middle of May. There are 4 letters which PRP would need to receive before report duty at hospital.

1. First letter
a. Surat Lantikan from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam
b. Sijil Pendaftaran Bersyarat from Lembaga Farmasi (Pharmacy Board)

2. Second letter
a. Surat Setuju Terima Perlantikan
b. Surat Akuan Sumpah - Do the sumpah at your local court/Mahkamah
c. Surat Aku Janji (Contoh) - The hospital will give the original copy upon reporting duty at hospital
d. Borang Pemeriksaan Doktor untuk Perlantikan ke Perkhidmatan Kerajaan - Bring this letter to go for medical check up at any Klinik Kesihatan (**go early in the morning)

3. Third letter
a. Surat Penempatan - which will inform which state of Malaysia you have been allocated

I reported duty at Ministry of Health for Johor state with another two friends on the 16th June 2014.

4. Fourth letter
a. When you report at the MOH of the state, the officer will issue another letter to inform you which hospital that you have been allocated

Luckily all of us have been posted to the same place, at least now we can have lunch together and learn together. Nevertheless, we have made a lot of new friends over here in the hospital as well.

I've started the PRP program for 2 weeks already. Things were in a total mess initially because we were worrying about accommodation, trying to adapt to the new environment, brushing up our clinical knowledge etc. I was praying really hard to be posted in Hospital Sultanah Aminah as it is the nearest training hospital to my house. Unfortunately, there was no vacancy for PRP post in the hospital. Hence, ended up three of us all being posted to Hospital Batu Pahat! I was totally unprepared to go to Batu Pahat, but I know life would be more excited and fun once you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. Thank God Batu Pahat is just 1.5 hours away from my house. I'm still able to come home often. God is in control ^_^

We reported at Ministry of Health of Johor State in the morning at 9am, subsequently reported to Pharmacy Department of the Johor State before heading to Hospital Batu Pahat. We have to report to the hospital within the same day and would need to start work on the second day. It was a super tiring day just travelling up and down! My first impression on Batu Pahat was quite good actually. Away from all the hassle in the city, Batu Pahat is a small town located approximately 88km away from Johor Bahru in the state of Johor. The first thing that caught my attention were hills, hills and hills around the hospital. The weather was so good, the sky was blue and there are birds churping around even at 4pm (I think I usually only hear birds singing in the morning not in the hot afternoon?) We reached the hospital about 3pm in the afternoon and reported in the administration office, then filled up tonnes of forms for about 2 hours.

I came back home that day to pack my stuff to BP as I did not prepared anything beforehand.

Lesson of the day: Always prepare yourself earlier while you still have time. Don't wait till last minute. ^_^

Till then.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Short Holiday! - Take a rest

Hello Sunshiniess!! 

I'm finally back!! Feels so good to come back home again! I'm missing my bed sooo much!

Last week, I've left my previous job in a medicare centre and it was definitely a difficult decision. I've really enjoyed the work very much despite all the stress that I've to face everyday. I've gained some exposure on the management aspect for a private medicare centre setting and of course bits of all the other things that happen daily in the setting. I'm truthfully grateful for that. Most importantly, I've met friends and people whom I would really love to keep the relationship lasts for the rest of my life. Praise the Lord!

After my last date of work, I went up to Kuala Lumpur to look for accommodation for my sisters. I went to KL with my colleague as she was also going back to KL on the same day. It was tough as I know I would really be missing her a lot after I move on to the next chapter of my life. That night, I just wish time would pass slower so that we could stay together for a little longer. When will be the next time when we can work together again?

Watching the sunset on the way back to KL

I was only in KL for a few days so it was kinda rush to complete everything that I need to do. I called up several friends who have stayed in Sunway before to ask for their recommendations, viewed rooms after rooms, compared each units' pros and cons etc etc. Finally, we managed to come up with a final decision!! Phew! Hopefully things will all work well soon. I'm also happy to meet my bestie and spent hours and hours chatting until we fall asleep! Hahah!! **When women gets together ;)** Ahhh, haven't been spending time with her since last November! At night, me and bf went for dinner with his cousin at Setia Walk, Puchong. I'm quite impressed that they spent much effort in designing the place to be like the "Shanghai Old Street"! Lovely place with a variety of foods for you to choose!

Annndddd -- I've also met up with Angel!! Gahh! After so long since we missed each other out during graduation =/

Spending time chilling and catching up PLUS buying stuff to prepare for PRP year!! In fact, I didn't prepare anything at all until she reminds me about the shirts, pants, shoes etc etc, My GAWD!! hahah! Luckily I managed to grab everything in one day before heading back to JB! Thanks for recommending me to buy the #grandmothershoe hahah! She said that would be the most comfy shoe and it will reduce my back pain lol.

The last mission to prepare for PRP training is to get some reference books! We went to Kamal Bookstore (Opposite HKL) to get books for me! Thanks Wilson for driving me around ^_^ 

Say **HELLO** to PRP year! Please be good, I promise I'll work hard!

Where to get medical books? - Kuala Lumpur

Kamal Medical Bookstore
Just if you are wondering, it is a small medical bookstore but it has a massive amount of different kind of medical books. If you need any medical books or equipment or even labcoat, perhaps you may take a visit there to see whether they have what you need.

Address: No. 134, Jalan Pahang (Opposite Hospital Kuala Lumpur), 53000 Kuala Lumpur.
If you are using Waze, just search "Kamal Medical Bookstore" and you will find the place.

Coordinates3°10'21"N   101°41'55"E

If you are taking public transport, you may take monorail and alight at Chow Kit Station then walk about 5 minutes passing by the Grand Seasons Hotel, then you will see the bookstore. It is near to 7-11 shop.

Just a little catchup! PRP just started and I'm still in the midst of settling down in the new working place. Guess where I've been posted??

Good nights, everyone! Shall update soon!