Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monash University Orientation Week 2010

I'm finally a Pharmacy student !!..kinda exciting but cant deny with a growing sense of anxiety..I'm not sure whether I'm d only one or others are kinda worry too..LOL..

22nd Feb - was d first day of the orientation program..I reach U ard 1030 and register myself with d School of Medicine and Health Sciences Pharmacy Program..we had some welcome add frm d sch n student representative..Lan subjects, ins and security briefing..met sum new frens..ard 4 or 5 of dem were frm Mufy..sum frm A-levels n Sam whole thingy ended ard 1 o'clock..I did my Lan subjects in previous college so hv to go bck n take d subject syllabus frm d registry together with de certified photopied of transcript in order to gt d exemption...n so I went back to d college..Met a lady in d registry..her attitude was terrible..esp when she mistaken dat I took her pen..she was like "hey you cant take my pen lar !"..I was stunt cuz dat is obviously my pen ( she put hers jus beside the table )..wen she found her pen she was finding excuses and claiming that nwadays student took her pen very often..LOL..wat d hell dat has gt to do with r making fun of urself in front of others..admit wat u did pls..stop finding excuses to hide ur stupidity..

23rd Feb - 2nd day of orientation program..woke up ard 745..reach U on time..we met the head of the sch and had two tailors came for making our labcoats..shuld be gettin it next week i guess..student guides brought us for a campus tour..n I was like wow wow wow all d way..LOL..esp de library..really cool...superb nice...went witth Hui Wen to de student admin to have our studnet card done..will b collecting it next week..woohoo..LOL..for some unknown reason I love student card !..LOL..we gt home n started to pack for our transition camp which will be held in Port Dickson ! XD

24th Feb - 1st day of Transition Camp..which aims to assist new students to have a smooth transition frm sec to we reach U abt 730 and had a briefing abt d camp..buses reach at 1030 n off we go to PORT DICKSON..starting our 3 days 2 nights camp !!..this is d first time dat I'm goin Port Dickson..we reach der in d afternoon and had our first game which was "pick and choose" wer we nd to throw the balls into diff baskets which carry diff values..dis  games actually want to let us noe de diff role dat we will play in d future..and dat teamwork is highly required when we work after graduate..Then we check in to the resort..I had Wei Chern,Syntiea,Madalene & Jasveen as my housemate !! XD..the view frm our unit was really beautiful...n so I told byy mus bring me to beach during holsssss...n he jus replied me wid okay =(.. not looking forward to it at all...I'm shiok sendiri I guess...LOL..nvm..okay then..

25th Feb - 2nd day of Transition I woke up at 6 smth!!! superb tired..n we had exercise conduct by a trainer?? I cant rmb his name..LOL..he is indeed quite good in it..but some of d moves really make me feel weird n cant control my laughter..LOL..then we had breakfast and some talks..till 430 we went jungle trekking!!! is really nice XD it has been so long time since I went wilderness camp during my 14teeeeennnss..haha..really enjoy it lotsss...though is really tiring...den came d most fun part of d whole camp..we had performance time!!..every grp cum up wid diff performance and is really fun n quite entertaining also..lolzz..esp sum grp who actually bring up d scene of "so you think you can dance" & "american idol"..LOL..n I actually first time hear d jungle song wimbabwe or smth lidat but evryone else seems to know d song very I ketinggalan zaman??

26th Feb - Last day of Transition Camp!!! exteremely happy can go back!! though nt goin bck hometown..but still kinda least dun hv to wake up early in d camp anymore...we had breakfast and some games..lunch + pack up..n off we go bck to really tiring n I slept all d way frm PD to KL..LOLzz..piGGy I'm..I know..we reach sch ard 4 o'clock..yeahhH..awesome n I did enjoy myself getting to know new frens frm diff diff place diff sch all kinds of courses etc etc..LOLxx..our class only gt 8 guys..and plenty of girls obviously..d ratio is comment..LOL...

PharmacisTsss bUddiesSS

PharmacYyyyyy thrEE Groooouppp

oUr grOuppPP wid Jiun & EuGenEeee & zOng Li XD

That's d eNd of mY oRienTatiOn pRoGram....

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