Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday !!! Congratulations !!! Korean Cuisine =)

Heyy people..ages since I last updated..went home for mid-sem break!! again, home sweet home XD

Stay home most of the time, without feeling bored at all..LOL..*U wont feel bored with my sis n bro ard* up my frensSs and go sing KKKKK !! LOL..kee presented "WA MENG TIEN" and seriously its awesome!!! *check out on FB if u don't believe mE* XD..

Came bck on the 3rd of Oct..*sOh's birthday* XD Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to UUUUUUU, happy birthday to YOU !!! May you stay happy and healthy always, maintain your suNsHiNe sMiLe fOReVeR..stay sweet with your girl girl..and all the best to your studies !!! enjoy Uni life to the fullest!!

Dear accompany me back and spend one whole week wid me here..*HEEE*..its aw3som3 to have him beside me everyday..spending every moment together =) simple and sweet..contented..Since he is here, of course I wont miss out any chance to go around and grab nice foods here in KL..from mamak to hawker centre to western foods and korean cuisine..we are officially BROKE I realised the power of google map and gps..thanks to them, we manage to reach our destination without much difficulties..*actually quite difficult too esp when it LAGS*..LOL..


Went for photoshoot with his family on sunday..his sister graduating this week..*CongratsSs* so cool to hang out with his family members and relatives =) and headed to UPM after photoshooting..some students just came out from the hall after their graduation ceremony when we reach there..everyone was put on with a big smile on their face..students with lots and lots bouquet of flowers with winnie pooh in graduation cap and gown on it walking around taking photos..parents' laughter fills the air..beneath the deep blue sky..everything is just perfect...

When will my graduation ceremony be? how will it be like ? =) I *hint* to dear that I want sunflower with winnie the pooh on it too..and how many flowers I want..what colour of the winnie's shirt I big the winnie I want..hahaha..and he replied "ya..ya..ya.."..haha..and his mum was laughing beside him on his expression..LOL..we then headed for dinner at Subang before going back home..

Back to home..facing with piles of notes for my three exams on Wed and Thurs..and stack of paper for my CCA..didnt sleep well for the whole week!!! I look like a panda now seriously..still a lot of work pending!!! but its okayyyy..exam is over and thing goes really well and is getting better XD..IS HOLIDAYS NOW!!!! hahaha..but i need to stay here to study for exam..oh God..please help me to strive thru this one month..I really dun wish to screw up again~..

Awesome October !!! I love it ~ XD

Stay tuned. Hopefully will update frequently XD. xoxo