Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Airasia Free Seats Promo !! Its time to go for holidaysssss!!

Yeahhh its year end and it's time to plan for your holidays!! It will soon be my semester break and I'm sure the same goes for you. This will be the free time for us to throw away all the books and notes and exams and start planning for our next destination to go!! As we all know, booking flight tickets in advanced usually get cheaper price as the price tends to go up higher when it's nearer to our travelling date. So y should we pay more?? Spend a little time to plan for your holiday and get your flight tickets book early!! I'm pretty sure you already plan for your year end celebration this year and don't let it stop!! Start planning for your next trip then !! Airasia is having a major promotion right now for the travelling period from 1st July 2011 to 10 November 2011 !! Having headache thinking about where to go?? Which airline to choose?? Have a look at www.airasia.com then !!

Simple steps to plan for your holiday :
1. Grab your diary and go to your university homepage to check for your semester date.Circle dates that you are available
2. Have a list of countries that you're interested in
3. Go to www.airasia.com
4. Search for the cheapest flight rate!! Do search three days around the date you have chose and check whether there is any promo price!!
5. Get your fight tickets booked
6. Do research on place of attractions in that country that you wanna go, plan your schedule
7. Get your hotel room booked (near to the spot that you wanna go so that you spend less time on travelling)
8. Change currency
9. Have a list of things to bring and have a shopping day to get grab everything you need
10. Do last checking and wait for the day to come!!


Have fun planning for your holidays !! XD

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Thought of the day : Study hard, play hard XDD



  1. nice news...i intend to go taiwan..but no time to go...my sem break onli 2 weeks.==..
    wan to go europe too..mayb after i graduate..TT

  2. Ohhh..I'm going taiwan coming April =D..just spend some time to plan!! Since you have 2 weeks holiday, you can plan to go there for a week..and another one week prepare for your new semester XDD