Monday, December 06, 2010

Singapore Trip 1st & 2nd Dec 2010

Yeah!! I'm back from awesome trip with dear and my buddies ♥

We met up in Bugis on Wed morning and go around Bugis and Orchard for lunch as well as desserts..On the way, we passed by Iluma, a shopping mall located within the Bugis district of Singapore..The design of the building amazed me on the spot..Look at this!! WOW..
We went to a few shopping malls as my friends was hunting for some sports accessories before we headed to Costa sands myself a short pants and a note book & yogurt sweets + chocolate =D We met up with Chong Han & Vonn at Pasir Ris and reached the resort ard 7 o'clock..while the guys went to rent bicycles and get some food back..we had our girls talk session..LOL..We keep peeping outside as our next door was having bbq session..and we were thinking that those guys will get something like Hokien mee or whatever as our dinner...after half an hour.....

They finally came back!! with a lot of junk foods and ice-cream..LOL..We ended up having Subway as our dinner..YUMMY..I do ♥ Subway..Hahaha..After dinner, we headed to Raffles place which is located in the Downtown Core and the Central area of Singapore..took some pictures in front of esplanade and together with the Merlion...Passed by Fullerton Hotel, a hotel at the renovated old General Post Office building..the night view of Singapore river was really cool!!! XD Then, we went back to chalet again to meet up with Marcus after he came back from his drum session in school..the guys played poker cards and the girls take turn to bath..we then cycle to the beach around we only rented 3 bicycles, we had to take a few rides to get all of us reminds me of the game which ask us how do we get all the animals and foods across the river when the goat must not stay with the wolf and the chicken must stay with the rice etc etc..LOL..finally, we gt all 10 of us to the beach...
For the first time, we lay on the beach and look at the sky..stare at those stars..the sky was like a big big screen and my memory just flashed back to my secondary school times again..and it seems time flies so fast that I'm now already gonna do my pharmacy 2nd year..watching airplanes depart from the nearby Changi airport every ten minutes..the sound of the waves made me feel so just want to enjoy the peacefulness mind was blank at that moment..just wanna cherish every second that we have..there is something magical about lying under the stars wrapped in the arms of the person you love most..after a while, all of us reached the beach and we had our "heart-to heart" talk session or rather "jokes" session..LOL..the funniest part of all...we chat till ard 3am and went bck to chalet to SLEEP!! all of us was exhausted..LOL..except kee who keep pestering the others by calling out their names in funny waysSs and asking lots of random questions..Hahahaha XD

On the next day, we went Tong Fong Fatt for lunch, which is a hainanese chicken rice stall..I found it tasted quite okay but not that excellent perhaps because I used to have chicken rice in KL and it tasted a bit different from the Singapore one..Anyway, it worth a try =D we went to mrt station and headed to Tampines to meet up with dear and Marcus again as they had class on that morning..Wilson went back to his school to attend for his lab test in the afternoon session..Had Mcd in Tampines Mall before we go to Bugis for Koi..For your information, Koi is a shop like each a cup, I love taimei, coolblog etc which sells bubble amazing for me eventhough it doesn't seem so to my other friends..LOL..perhaps partly because I love the original flavor the most..We always joke that perhaps someday when we sell computers we wanna do something like the Q-ing system in bank which separates out customers who wants to buy computer and made them Q up..and now I see that this Koi shop are doing Q up and order ur drinks and collect a number..when the system show up ur number only you collect it at another actually works yeahhh... even to bubble tea stall.. =D
It started to rain just after we bought our Koi..we rushed to the bus station and all of us was wet!! LOL..Is like a war seriously...Esp when you run to custom..LOL..finally we reached home ard 8 o'clock after a big traffic jam due to the rain..

In conclusion, it is an amazing trip for me and I believe to all of us too..Thanks all!!! We will have our next trip in two weeks time!! Looking forward~ =D
That officially ends our Singapore trip 2010!!! =D

I ♥ Holidays.xoxo

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