Saturday, October 22, 2011


不平凡的大学 有一群不平凡的人 让我平凡的生活 从此不再是一张白纸
忙昏了头的典礼 最后一分钟的台词 两百个不同背景不同国籍的人
尽着自己的一分绵力 为着一个目标而努力 
当中的 酸 甜 苦 辣  起起落落 我们一起渡过
重重的困难 虽然有时让我们信心瓦解 却让我们更团结坚强
我一直很珍惜这每一分 每一秒

可惜 还是来到了今天 最后一个晚上
典礼后依依不舍的氛围 让我无法呼吸
脑海里都是这数百天来 我们曾经度过的情景
失败 紧张 伤心 苦恼 欢呼 疯狂 开心 我只想祈祷着一分钟 能逗留那么多一下下
无数个拥抱 无法带走一丝丝的不舍
泪水放肆的流着 我多想它能冲走这一切的不舍与想念

很快我们就要分手 往自己的方向迈进
不管在任何时候 世界的哪一个角落
我知道 我们彼此的思念与祝福 还有满满的支持 会一直伴随着我们
让我们那时昂首 高歌 再次聚首 回温今天的点点滴滴
这个时刻 我们曾经拥有过的曾经
我感谢上帝 让你们出现在我的人生
逗留过这一段时光 让我欢笑 流泪 成长

*I Love YOU*

In an extraordinary university I met a bunch of extraordinary people
It had certainly changed my ordinary life to an extraordinary one
My simple life is no longer a blank sheet

It’s again a night full with laughter and tears
A ceremony after all the effort and hard work
Two hundred people of different nationalities with different backgrounds
Making their own little contributions towards a common goal
With difficulties and shortcomings that shattered our confidence at times
We’ve learned to grow stronger TOGETHER
I cherish just about any bit of it, each and every moment

And yet here we are, knowing that tonight ceremony marks the end of a chapter
The atmosphere that made me feeling breathless
The flashbacks of laughter, excitement, happiness, sadness, success, failures and craziness were just overwhelming
And all that I can do is just pray for them to stay a little longer
Numerous embrace cannot take away a trace of sadness
Unbridled flow of tears cannot wash away a single bit of sadness and misses

Soon we will break up into our own directions
At any time regardless of what corner of the world
I know we have each other’s thoughts and wishes
And our support towards one another
When we shall meet again
With a piece of puzzle in hand
Wish we would put them together
And be proud of where we stand
This time we once had has been
I thank God for you in my life
Stay over this period of time through laughter and tears

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