Saturday, September 06, 2014

Jung In's and Kang Gary's Inspirations

Kang Gary!! Ahh!! Kang Gary never fail to impress me with his determination and talent ^_^ I love reading his story and what he shares with his fans, and of course his kindness and effort in playing his role to motivate as much people around the world as possible. Perhaps he didn't say it out, but I'm sure there are many people who are inspired by him, at least I'm one of them ^_^ For instance, one of the greatest challenge in life is to learn to be friend with loneliness. Gary taught us not to be afraid of being lonely, and it is essential in life that sometimes we make a little time just for ourselves, to spend time alone to reflect ourselves and to work hard towards our goals. In my opinion, that's just one of the reason why Gary is so charming to many.

Jung In is another favorite singer of mine. I got to know her through Leessang after listening to their songs. Jung In appears in many of Leessang's songs and they are all very close friends. She looks like a blur girl sometimes (you can watch her appearances in some of the Korea's Variety Shows, is so cute, haha! especially when she is with her boyfriend lol!), but when it comes to singing, she is definitely one of the best. Her unique voice I would say, is what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Does it make you wonder what are their inspirations then, which makes them produce such good music which inspire and heal the many of us??

Watch what they say below: Enjoy!!

*If you need subtitle, turn on the CC button on right bottom, the english subtitles will appear.

Kang Gary Jjang!! Jung In fighting!!

Ching Yee

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