Tuesday, April 02, 2013

[Running Man] - EP 139 / Never Ending Holiday

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I'm listening to the songs on my blog right now, just can't click on the "pause" button! *Gary, is just too amazing*

*I can't concentrate on typing what's on my mind now, thanks to the song, lol*

Anyway, its mid sem-break! The final week of this never-ending holiday! *Yayyy*!!

Well, don't exactly feel like it is a holiday, I have so many things to do everydayyyyy. So what have I been doing for the past one month?

1. Weekly dose of Running Man - You really gotta watch this! Not just because it is a comedy show and that it is funny, but from Running Man I've got a lot of inspiration on living a better life, making your dream comes true and how to treat people as much as how you want to be treated ^^ I love their interactions and it is the only two hours of the week that I really get to  relax my mind and laugh!

The latest episode is on -

Running Man Mini Drama Ep139- The Secret Brother and Sister

2. Daily dose of Bubzbeauty Vlog - I've been watching Bubz videos for long. I love her beauty tips and the way she lives up her life. I know, she is not perfect, nobody is perfect but there is just something in her that attracts me. Perhaps the way we appreciate every simple things in life? Anyway, she is a crazy girl and I enjoy her videos very much!

3. Learning on web development and social media management - HELP!

I'm also learning about web development from the internet and looking for some good platform to organize all the social media platform of my shop. Spending time managing my shop and looking for more ideas. Not to forget generating ideas and strategies for my part time job as well. If any of you do have books or good website on learning web development, please e-mail me! I would really be grateful for that! Learning is always fun but it requires so much time staring at the computer and I constantly feel that my eyes are so dry and strained! Maybe its time to get the eyedrops Bubs has just recommended?

4. Reading up some books and motivational magazines to keep myself motivated

Haha! Perhaps it sounds weird but that's really how I keep myself motivated. Sometimes you just need a push in your daily life to make yourself more productive and stop being so lazy. *I'm seriously a lazy bug*
Time!! Time!! Time!! is important and Self!! Self!! Self!! Management is the key thing to have more time out of 24 hours! That's what sticking on my working desk right now...lol

5. And of course, doing my assignments and study!

That's the pain of all but I can't wait to graduate!! So, I will keep myself more patience with these assignments and work harder this year!! Yay!!

Thats all for now, xoxo

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