Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Staying positive


A lot of times we have a lot of internal conversations within ourselves and it determine our actions. What do I want to do, how am I going to do it, when am I doing it, is that possible? Shall I do it? Or maybe most of the time you would say, "well, maybe I'll try". In this society, people is always flooded with a lot of negative thoughts and negative ideas. They tend to imagine a lot of situations that might happen, which in reality, maybe most of the time just 1 out of 1 million situations will actually happen. Whenever a problem or a situation is throw to them, first thing they do is to reject, or I would rather say keeping themselves in their comfortable zone. Sometimes, even when they are just being honest to themselves. For example a friend of mine actually wants to be a pilot. This dream/goal that he created himself in his mind, surprisingly is something which himself can't even handle it.

When I talk to him, he isn't quite happy about his current life. He said he wants to do something he likes, something which he is really passionate for. This is the first time I'm seeing him being really honest to himself. In fact, he is actually troubled with this. He doesn't know how to be a pilot, what does a pilot looks like, what does a pilot do? All he knows is that he is hoping to be a pilot. So I ask him, you should be really happy that you know what your goal is but why are you unhappy? So he answered, I'm hoping somebody will give me a chance to help me do what I want to do, hopefully someday I will be able to realize my dream.

What is holding you back?

The question now is, what is holding you back? Why must you wait till someday sometime somebody will give you a chance to help you do what you would like to do? Can't you start it today? Can't you do it yourself? Can't you create a chance for yourself? What if the "chance" that you are talking about never come? We need to be motivated in order to keep ourselves going in life. We are kind of like on a balance with positive and negative attitudes on both ends. If we are not staying positive, not only it won't be balance, we would also fall on the negative side right to the bottom. 

Change your mindset

Not telling all these because I went to a motivational talk today, but because I realized that when I changed my mindset, nothing from the surrounding changes but everything looks different and better. Like attracts like, perhaps this is what people call The Law of Attraction, and when you are genuinely happy and positive, people around you start to be positive as well. I actually saw this book in Popular bookstore "The Law of Attraction", maybe can check it out if you are interested. I don't really believe in this, I tend to think it is more like an action and result, when you do something good, something else that is good will return, vice versa. I've been through a "depression" state for the past six months or so. I was not depressed until the state that you feel like commit suicide but that was the period where I spent most of my time watching drama, crying when I'm alone, not knowing what to do, don't want to go out of house and complaining everything under the sun to my bf. I've always been thinking that I have treated people well, and I even do more than what a friend should do for them most of the time, I treat them like my family. Why is it when I'm sad, when I'm unhappy, these people are not around? At the end of the day, I realized that people can say many things for you, they can do many things for you, but because of your mindset, you can't see anything they are doing. You think they ignore you, they forget you, because you perceive it, because you think that's the way they are. Hence, that is how you feel. 

I'm a lot happier now ever since I started to change my mindset and keep myself staying positive. In fact, I was having a really unlucky day last week, met a minor accident but paying more than what I should be paying due to various reasons, first time losing my parking ticket for the entire university life, having some problems with an event held in uni, spent two hours going back home due to a heavy jam etc, and it all happened on the SAME day. If these were to happen during my "depression" period, I couldn't imagine how would have I reacted. I was telling myself that everything is gonna be alright and things will work out just fine. I won't lie to you that I did have a little breakdown in between but it was still all good. Thanks to my bf as well for kept me company.

Only you can control your mindset, you choose to be happy or unhappy. You live your own life, you are responsible for it, and you choose the way you want to live it. 

Setting your goals

Setting your goals is important. You must know what you want to do, who you want to be, how you want to live your life. The most scary thing in the world is to be honest to yourself. We always tend to think too much about what others say, what others think, be bothered about what others do and not listening to the real voices within ourselves. It doesn't really matter whether you know how to achieve your goals, because if you do, you would have done it, right? Setting your goals and knowing it clearly in your mind helps you to find out how you want to do it. When I wanted to start up my online business, I told myself I want to do it, but I don't know how and I don't know what I need to do. But because I see this goal so clearly in my mind, I know exactly what I need for. I need a blog, a social networking platform, some website design knowledge and most importantly, some capital. I wasn't too sure where should I get my capital from, I do not want to spend more of my parents money, they are already paying a lot for my tuition fees and I was lost but I was determined. I planned out a rough amount of money I needed to start the business and I started to save my pocket money for this. There were things came in between and I finally setup the business. However, the capital wasn't not enough if it is just based on my savings. So on one random day, I went to several job hunting websites and I only searched for jobs that are able to pay for the amount I needed for my business. I was just trying my luck. Thank God for blessing me and I found a job which pays me just enough the amount that I needed to sustain my business and what more is that it is a social networking company. It helps me in a great way as I was able to contribute to the company based on the research which I've done while I'm doing my online business and things that I learnt from the company correlates with my business. That works just perfectly fine for me.

So, if you have a dream, take a piece of paper write it down, plan for it and get resources that you need. Start doing it! When you change your mindset to be positive and determined, nothing can stops you and I guarantee you will be amazed how far you can actually achieve and be able to see beyond the possibilities.  

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