Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running Man Ep154 - Asian Dream Cup at ShangHai

Running Man Ep154 - Asian Dream Cup at ShangHai

Guests : Park Ji Sung, Sulli, Evra

Watch it here:

Can't help but really wanted to blog on this episode!! 
MC moments at the airport makes my heart pumping fast!
So funnny and sweeett! ^_^

It has been so long after the last "sharing drink" moment few years ago ^_^


What's with Gary keep replaying memories three years ago in Ep153 and Ep154? lol
Feels like something is going on lately, or am just thinking too much?

So excited and I can't wait to watch for Ep155!

Ep 155 Preview:

Ep154 : Funny Moment Jihyo strangle Gary

Cr: As tagged (Thank you so much for the screen cap)

If you wanna watch more on Asian Dream Cup
This is the press conference in Shang Hai video ^^

Love Park Ji Sung!
MC Park always so funny lol

It was just so nervous watching the match!

And I can't stop laughing at these three expressions lol
Especially when the editing team cut out their stunt expressions hahaha
They must be really nervous already, feel so bad for them
but still cant stop laughing at those scenes lol

Gary oppa was saying this is when football competition becomes variety show
when Kwang Soo joins in the field hahaha
I was actually quite impressed by Kwang Soo's performance ^_^
He tried his best already!

Photo Game Expert!
Should add into Gary Gallery hahaha 
=D =D =D

If you have not watch this episode yet!
Hurry up and watch!
Running Man Fighting!

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