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Running Man Race Start Hong Kong Fan Meeting 13072013 (Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Kang Gary)

Hellooooo Happy Runners!!

I'm so excited right now, just finished watching RM Fan Meeting in Hong Kong!! Many thanks to all the fans who share their photos and videos generously so that we can all watch it given that some of us could not make it to Hong Kong this time :(  RM Runnersss Daeebakk!! ^_^

Sharing some of the videos and photos I have been watching for the past few daysss! Makes me feel so excited wanna go for the Fan Meeting in Malaysia and Singapore!! Hopefully I will make it to one *Praypraypray*

Race Start in Hong Kong!!
Venue: Asia World Expo Hall 10
Date: 13th July 2013
*Click to their Youtube Channel for more videos*

Opening Part - Cantonese Song
*Gary is sooooooo Funnnyyyy at acting*
=D =D =D
**Kang GARY!!! **

Entire Singing Part
1. Suk Jin - 重口味 (Eason Chan)
2. Haha - Rosa 
3. Haha - Busan Vacance
4. Gary - 회상(Leessang)
5. KJK - 한 남자
6. KJK and Haha - 사랑스러워
7. JSJ, KJK, Haha, Gary - 겸손은 힘들어 (Leessang)

Kwang Soo and Jihyo Cut
Kwang Soo and Jihyo can't make it to the fanmeeting in HK and 
recorded a short video for the other members
*How Sweetttttt* ^^ Photooooo Time!!
*I do not own any of the photos, Cr to all their respective owners* :))

At Press conference

Always love his sense of humor
*Everyone knows how much you know about "love", Gary oppa* ^^

Ps: If anybody ever know what did Haha whisper to Gary oppa during the press conference, 
Please do leave a message! ^^

Monday GF's sweet message!

Kang GARY!!
*Tell me how can you NOT love him*
=D =D =D ^_^

Cr: MinXinLee

My heart melted reading this newsss!
Cr: ELF Asia Fb

抱抱、high five、簽名...這幾天RUNNING MAN成員對各位的要求可謂有求必應。

這種親切及真誠也許這就是RUNNING MAN吸引人之處,恭喜這群幸運的粉絲,你們用心的準備得到了成員用心的回應,我們會盡快將明信片寄出!

*Brief Translation of ELF Asia's post on Kang Gary*
*Apologize if there is any inaccuracy*

Hugging, High 5, Sign...Running Members tried to fulfill all of their fans requests.
Gary passed us a stack of postcards before leaving Hong Kong
Is actually postcards given to him by his Hong Kong fans, requesting him to sign
He has signed every single of them
and pass to us so that we can send back to the fans!
The sincerity and kindness might be the reasons why Running Man is so attractive and popular
Congratulations to all the lucky fans, your hard work had finally paid off with RM members' response
We will send out the postcards soon!

Gary oppa! That's what makes you so attactive!
Always being so kind and sweet towards all your fans!

At Autograph Session

No idea why, Gil was also spotted together with RM ^_^
Guess he came along for holiday kkkk

Another news on Leessang

*Brief Translation*
*Apologies if there is any inaccuracy*

Hip Hop Duo Leessang's member Gary (As shown in left), 
Spent some free time to shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui
There were many staff went along with them
Gill also came along with Gary to Hong Kong
Yesterday, Gil mentioned on Twitter 
"Running Man popularity is no joke, there are always a lot of fans and reporters 
wherever we go, caused massive jam on road"
There were also a few fans recognized Gil.
Unlike Gary who loves to shopping,
Gil prefers to seek for food and he also posted a photo
of a Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Japanese Restaurant
Cr: Twitter @GillMeo

Are you ready for more Kang GARY's photooossss?!?!

Err Gary Oppa, so many luggage?? O.O


That SMILE!!


And his favorite pose lol ^_^

Cr: xxcharxx Insta

Cr: malisheep Insta

Cr: Langhamplacehk

Cr: malisheep Insta

With that marks the end of the Running Man
Race Start Hong Kong Fan Meeting!
Phew, is a long post yeah?
I'm excited much for the photos and videos!
Hope you guys enjoy!
Running Man Fighting!!

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