Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Goodbye 2013 and Welcome to 2014

2013 has just ended and we are moving into a whole new year. The last two months of 2013 was pretty crazy and tiring. Thinking back, I would say I spent these two months just chilling with friends, anxious about graduating (I know anxious doesn't help on anything but I'm just constantly worry idk why lol), settling some personal stuff and thinking about my future. Now I'm back at my hometown, finally graduated from university and in the process of getting a job. This transition period is going on well, I don't know if I can consider it as processing smoothly, but I hope it will all turns out good.

This year has been tough for me even though I've reduced a lot of workload off my shoulder. Just feel like the inner part of me is not recovering well, not back to what I used to be yet. Honestly, it is so torturing. I know nobody can understand what's going on within me or maybe they just won't believe it, and the only solution can only come out from myself. I'm glad that I've decided to take a break at the start of this year. Now one year has past, I would say things are getting better, even though it is only moving slowly. So my new year resolution? Hopefully I can open up myself more and shooooo all negative energy. Also, find back myself soon. No more escaping thoughts, no more hiding thoughts, no more running away and learn how to say NO.

Looking forward to 2014. Tomorrow is the last day of my work. I'm helping out the local bookstore near my house selling books and stationery. The auntie whom I work with is so friendly and kind. It has been a wonderful two weeks working with her everyday. Starting to feel a bit sad that tomorrow is the last day working with her for this time round. Hopefully next year we will work again =) The calendar starts from January again. Just got bits and pieces of ideas of things I want to achieve this year. Get a job and work hard for my goals, working on my blogshop, more crafting, more reading, piano lessons (finally I'm back in JB to do this), prepare my home office (which is already in the process and I'm so excited!), be more organized and productive...... ... ... and so many more! Must get some time to prepare for my complete new year resolutions!

One thing that is always on my list ---> is to blog more! ^_^

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Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing you a prosperous year ahead and May God richly bless you!

Signing off. xoxo

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