Friday, October 24, 2014

Funeral Makeup Artist

Hello everyone!

Life has been hectic but I'm feeling good! Back to work this week for the last week at inpatient pharmacy before I go to the next department, drug information services! Came back home earlier today, spending time watching tv with auntie and just clearing up some work. The new drama, "All that is bitter is sweet" by Linda is so good! Watch it on Astro on Demand, 8.30 pm from Monday to Friday =D

So today post is about this short 30 minute clip by Quek Shio Chuan. I strongly recommend you to watch this clip.

First of all, it isn't a common job where everyone can pursue. Secondly, it isn't a job that most people would list in their preferred job either. Being a funeral cosmetologist, a person needs to study the techniques necessary to make a body looks as much as it was alive. This also means that other than the cosmetic procedure, funeral makeup artist normally will also need to perform the embalming procedures which can be more complicated than what was shown in this video. But the most important point here I guess, just like what this video have shown perfectly, one will definitely need to have much courage and a big heart to be willing to provide such service to the deceased and provide help and service to the family members during their difficult times. It definitely takes more than just skills alone in performing this job.

Working in a hospital as one of the healthcare team members, we often see patients admitted to ward for various conditions. Of course, we have happy events like mother giving birth to babies, patients recover and discharge etc but often, we also see patients suffering in the hospital. A lot of cases are due to lack of awareness, negligence in taking care by carers, patients were not well educated and thus causing poor compliance etc. which ultimately lead to hospital admission. This short story also reminds me of what I have seen in the nursing homes previously with different patients.

There is always a story behind each of us. Beside each bed, there are countless family members that are worrying about their loved one, taking care of their loved one, keeping them accompanied, praying for them. For me, meeting different patients and families each day, providing counselling to different patients each with a different background and story, always serve as a good reminder to me to appreciate life a little bit more each day. I can totally relate them to my own family experience during the last few years of life for my grandparents. Taking care of elderly is definitely not an easy task and if somebody is sick in the family, it is not merely affecting the patient himself but affecting the whole family. Having strong family support is very important in assisting the patient's recovery.

Life is short. Appreciate every little things in life. Be happy and tell people around you that you love them. Forgive and forget. Treat everyone like your own family. May the world be peaceful. God be with us.

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