Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Trip to Perak - Program Transformasi Minda (PTM) & Kellie's Castle

Hello everyone!

It has been a year since I last updated the blog. Wow. No, I didn't forget about my blog.
Life has been really hectic. But I still do read and reply emails and comments from you guys. Thanks for writing to me :)

Last June, I completed my hospital training and finally moved back to hometown. Moving back to hometown was emotional, exciting and definitely a joyful one. I finally get to stay together with my parents again, setting up a small home office for myself, spending more quality time with friends. Really glad that this day has finally come.

In November, I went to Perak with my friends to attend Program Transformasi Minda in KSKB Ulu Kinta. It was one week course with accommodation provided in the college. We had a series of talks from different speakers and a sketch/presentation at the end of the program by the participants. This also marks the end of our PRP year and I feel so blessed that we are able to have an enjoyable trip before heading to the new working place.

More info on PTM:
Check PTM results here:

Meeting new friends!

 When the Monashians reunite!

We went to Kellie's Castle (Kellie's Folly) before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. Kellie's Castle was meant to be a home away from home for Scottish Planter, William Kellie Smith in the 20th Century. It was said that this castle is either a gift for his wife or a home for his son. Construction of this unique castle began in 1915. However, it came to an abrupt halt with Kellie's sudden death in 1926. Recently, efforts have been made by the Perak State Government to rescue this magnificent structure from the encroaching foliage. The castle is situated on the way to Batu Gajah town at the Kinta Kellas Rubber Estate, about a 30-minute drive and 14km south of Ipoh City.

Kellie's Castle

 The only completed interior room of the castle

Jump shot is a must wherever he goes!

Cafeteria near the entrance to the Castle. Prayer's room is located here.

From the top of the castle

Enjoying some WE time at the Castle

Ipoh Town from our hotel room

Beautiful scenary near Gua Tempurung

A little about our trip in November. Looking forward to the next gathering!

Ching Yee

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